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Maintaining a Cleaner Jobsite

Tips for Keeping Your Team Safe

Keeping a jobsite clean is about far more than staying up to code. In addition to helping to avoid accidents, maintaining a clean jobsite improves morale, productivity, and efficiency. Here are eight simple tips for maintaining order and cleanliness at a jobsite.

Pick up debris

It’s common sense, but make sure any and all loose debris, scrap, and other materials are disposed of in either garbage cans or the appropriate recycling bin. This simple act goes a long way in keeping a tidy, smooth running work site.

Keep multiple debris bins

Install multiple garbage and recycling cans, preferably leak free metal, around the work site for easy access. And don’t forget a lid to keep debris from flying.

Declutter your workspace

The phrase "a place for everything and everything in its place" is a good workplace safety credo: cut down on clutter and potential accidents by storing tools and materials in dedicated spaces.

Easy access

Make sure your work site’s entrances and exits are safe and secure.

Avoid preventable injuries

All walkways and workspaces, including stairways, passageways, gangways, catwalks and corridors should be regularly swept and cleaned of debris. Some of the nastiest workplace injuries result from simple, completely preventable trips and falls.

Loose nail hazards

Hammer, bend, or otherwise disarm any loose nails or metal pieces that may snag and/or cut passersby. The same goes for glass and anything else that could pose a potential hazard.

Assign cleaning duties

Assigning staff daily cleaning duties is helpful in maintaining the space and keeping team members personally invested in the cleanliness of the site.

Avoid spillage

If you’re working with liquid or corrosive materials, keep them in spill proof containers to prevent damaging the environment — and your co-workers. And remember to never pour waste down storm drains or sewers.

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