Foam Filled Tires

No more flat tires, even in the most hazardous environments

  • Avoid downtime caused by flat tires
  • Foam filled tires last 2 to 5 times longer

Tires filled with Arnco's patented flatproofing material roll right over spikes, scrap metal, nails, rocks and more without ever going flat. Your tires will last longer and perform better filled with Arnco's liquid polyurethane formula, because it runs much smoother and colder than other fill products.

Save with Foam Filled Tires

Tires that replace air with foam last two to five times longer than standard tires. As a result the full tread life is realized before it's necessary to purchase a replacement. They also eliminate downtime from flat tires and unexpected tire replacement costs.

Quality for Any Application

Arnco's foam-filled tires are ready to go at a moment's notice and work even in the most adverse weather conditions. The University of Alaska has tested the tires to operate at 70°F below zero. Three grades are available to meet your particular load, ride and traction needs

  • RePnew®—For medium deflection, best for most conditions
  • SuperFlex®—For maximum deflection, approximates an air-filled ride
  • HeviDuty®—For minimum deflection under heavy loads

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